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This pack made by the Clockwork Raven Studios possess around 1100 Fantasy icons, with around 180 being unique pieces and the rest are recolors or icons with little changes so you can use them on different material types without losing the style, all in a unique and ready to use sprite sheet and also with separated image files.

This is a Starter pack that will be the first of the icon series for the Raven Fantasy line. This set have a great variety of things to cover all the basic for a game, on the future I will make more packs covering some themes specifically.



This one is intended to be used as icons to buffs, diseases, poison, curses, etc...


Strength, Dexterity, Magic, etc, icons for stats on the menu and with arrows up and down to show raise or reduce...

Basic Menu

Icons for Menu, like Inventory, system, character, and more...

General Items and Tools

Everyday items, and tools, things you can find in a barrel, maybe treasures of a chest, items that may or may not have a function in a game.

Gems and Jewels

A lot of Gems and Jewels of different colors, inspired by ARPGs games these icons can be used as part of a treasure or even as magic gems to enchant and make items more powerful 

Crafting Materials

Most RPGs have a crafting system, this one is a lot of basic materials like ores, ingots, coal, crystals, wood, leather, a lot of things you may use for your own game craft system.

Monster Hunting and Drops

Right, this one is inspired by games like Monster Hunter and Ragnarok Online, this represents monster parts, like bones, horns, things that may be used as a material for item creation, maybe items you have to deliver for a quest, maybe junk items that you gonna drop and sell to a merchant.

Food and Beverages

As the name says, this pack has also some food and beverages for the player to consume or to sell in a tavern.

Alchemy Materials

Like craft materials, but this one is focused on magic crystals, special herbs, and mushrooms, things that a player will gather then use to make potions or some other magic items.

Magic Potions

Potions! with a lot of different sizes and colors, for any use or effect.


A ton, like really a ton of weapons, here you will have axes, swords, scythes, bows, spears, and more, a fantasy weapon dream. A lot of it is made similar to some shields, helmets, and armor so you can work on item sets with special effects if you want.


A lot of different shields, magical or not, for different use and effects, inspired both by medieval historic ones and fantasy. A lot of it is made similar to some weapons, helmets, and armor so you can work on item sets with special effects if you want.

Armor and Clothing

A Ton of Colored Armors and clothing, with different types of materials too. you will get here, for armor,  garments, suits, dresses, capes and other clothing made of fabric and metal. A lot of it is made similar to some weapons, helmets, and shields so you can work on item sets with special effects if you want.


Rings, Necklaces, Boots, Belts, Capes, anything you may need, things you can use as magic items or maybe general use, like junk drops for selling.


This part covers some fantasy and mythological masks for any use in your game. maybe a Magic Mask with some unique abilities, a masked monster drop, a quest item, use as you see fit.

Features and Rights:
1- All sprites come in 16x16 and 32x32  with a dark outline.

2- Classic 16x16 Pixel art style, can match most RPGs.

3- 16 square grid ready to use a sprite sheet, to increase compatibility with RPG Maker MV, and MZ.

4- Not only in a "sprite sheet" but all images will come too in separated png files.

5- This asset can be modified to match any of your needs. This asset can be used in any project, even commercial and physical(print or tabletop) ones,  but it cannot be distributed or sold as a separate product without the creator's permission (me).

6- Attribution is not necessary but welcome. And if you use it in any project ill be happy to have a link or (and) a copy :)

7- For more detailed licensing information: License
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If you have any questions or suggestions, please do so below in the comments for me to add and change them, in the next updates and upcoming products!



Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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LOL, I already bought the very affordable bundle, but buying the icon pack seperately is a win/win in the sense that I get to give a talented artist more money (therefore increasing the chances packs will continue to be published), and said artist gets to take said money and use it to pay bills & buy stuff they like.


Thank you! You are right and i'm glad you think that way. Keep following me and soon enough I will release more :)


This looks great, I think you're getting better every time!


Thank you! I'm studying and working hard to provide assets with a better quality every time, so I'm glad to know you noticed it. :)