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Hi, I like your works, and I use the icon set in my project, I saw you plan go Steam, I think it would be great!

Because the bundle setting of can't exclude what I own ( Steam collection bundle really nice ), it's a pity. ( I'll buy the 7000+ icon set of RPG Maker DLC on Steam )

That's nice! Glad you like it, they will indeed not exclude each other, steam is just another option

This asset pack is amazing. So many icons in different color schemes and sizes. And they look great!

Thank you, i'm glad to know you find it useful

hey I purchased this pack and all I get are black icons to choose from, but when I pick one it shows up correctly. Any help on this. I might have installed it wrong but otherwise I like your icons they are really nice.

thanks for the compliment and purchase. I dont think there is a problem? This never happenend before, all files are Black?

yes when I imported it shows black when I go to choose an icon, but after I choose one it shows up on the icon. It pretty much is hard to choose which one I want.

this is weird, really, but I will take a look. Do you tried the full spritesheet?

Actually that's the only thing I tried.

This is a problem with the RPG Maker engine. If the amount of icons exceeds a certain number (somewhere in the 4000 range) it will show them all as black boxes. You'll have to reduce the amount of icons you have in one iconset.png file to under 4000.

hello, are you sure? I can use the full Sprite sheet as normally tho 

Hiya Raven!

I was wondering if you'd ever do Balloon sets for RPG Maker MV? The ones i'm talking about are the emoting balloons you can use when programming events! If they're already a thing then I'd love to be directed to them! Otherwise I believe this would be a good thing to work on if you ever can! Great work with the tilesets and these icons! It makes me feel like i'm in the SNES era with all these retro assets! 

Best of Luck and thank you again :)

hello, thanks for the compliment, im glad you liked my work. I do have plans for a emotion icon pack in the future, keep following me for updates :)

Oh wow! I'm glad you're working on that! I'm already following you so hopefully i'll get the updates! Is there an estimated release date by chance? :o

Not for this specifically but this month will have some new assets definitely.


I'm using this set to help finish off a tiny project.
I LOL'd at #5516, brought back memories.
Great set, and great work!!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the small reference as well. Best luck on your project :)

Deleted post

Hello, i will answer this questions with the best of my abilities.

1- This sprites have commercial and non commercial use, for almost any purpose except you can modify as you see fit, except share it or resell it.

2- You will have a modified(better) version of all the icon packs i described on the list in the end of the page, further it is all the sprites i have currently except for one (dark fantasy) intended to be a standalone product.

3- Yes, you will get everything i released until today for 5$ and will always get everything while you stay as a patreon, the new products i mean.

Hope this helps, Regards ;)


I've purchased every item/icon pack you've listed on itch except this one. Are there any new icons in this set?

All the old icons got recolored to the new palette i'm currently using, there new recolored icons and some new icons with little changes, the outline has been updated too to a thinier and better looking one, so its not a mandatory thing but may be interesting and useful.


Hey Caio,

cool Icons! I would have a suggestion about your "recolored versions". I'd like more natural colors. Some of them are very bright and have a high contrast. Like your attributes the most, would like to see more!

Thanks for the compliment, i may update an "desaturated" version for free in the future