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Tiles have 32x32 variants? or just a sprites?sry i doesn't really understand, but i want know.

Its not a variant, but a resize. still the same sprite. You can ask any question, I'm here for this :)

Oh i see. :/ I love your colourful artstyle but i looking for a 32x32 tileset, and i want a pixel perfect game so scaled versions will not be good for my work. Sorry, and thanks for a respond. :)

No problem, I have plans on the future for this size. Either way I always releasing New stuff or they may be useful for a diferent project, so just follow me for the updates :)


Sure, i looking forward for your future works. :)

Hello. I really love your work. All your assets are awsome and well build wich make them easy to use.

What is the software you are using to build the map in the above example? You also use it to add some visual ligh effects and i really would like to have the same result.


thank you! Most of the time I use a software called Tiled to make the maps, now the ones with light are generally on RPG Maker with some special plugins

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Hey I love your work! There is good consistency with the style and the massive amount of icons is a big yes for me. Tiles look beautiful too. I would want something different than the norm. Right off the bat I see green dungeon and I love it. Would be cool to get blue dungeon (Water based dungeon where you can fill up rooms and drain them) red dungeon (lava,staglamites) ect)

Thank you for your hard work. I will buy every new pack you come out with especially if icons and tiles. I got a good deal on all your assets with the Christmas bundle! but if you have new packs going forward I'll probably just have to buy them right away cause I love the asset line!

thank you! I'm really glad you liked. Is on my plans make a different biomes like the green one. You may be interested in my patreon, to get a closer look in everything im working on and to get all my releases as well. Link is any asset and the profile.

Hello, I love your work! Is there anyway I can contact you?

thank you! And yes, absolutely, my e-mail is 

Hey I was wondering here... when are you going to give us some Battlers and characters packs?

im working on the characters but battlers i already did a pack. Take a look at my profile :)


Ok cool!!! I am hyped for it!

Great to know! :D


Hi, sorry to ask on here, but there doesn't seem to be a comments section on the Green Village pack. Could I ask how you get the stairs to have a blank space at the top for hills/cliffs? I get the outline at the top of it. Also, my cliff-faces are right angled at the bottom instead of curved like the in displayed? Thank you

Hello, the green village has no stairs and has comments, are you perhaps speaking about the green forest? Eitheir i checked the stairs at the forest one and it has no outline at the top, about the cliff, if you are using the rpg maker version it can be perhaps a bit different. If have any issue or want to show/talk more to me about the things you just pointed, send a email to with questions and screenshots and i will check as soon as possible.

Looks awesome. What are the best character packs to use with Raven tilesets?


Good question, i'm working on a character pack so, if you are not following me, do it because soon as possible i will release it :)


I'm following you now :)


Wow, these are coming out faster than I can keep up. Can't wait to see what's next :D


Thanks! I'm trying to provide good assets from time to time, I have yet, much to do.

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Yes, later I will send some for you to take a look. :)

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