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The game is in development, this version is here to a open test and spread the project. play and comment if you please, we will evolve more and more!


Project Asvilias, originally a tabletop RPG campaign, more specifically Dungeons and Dragons, was born from the idea of making a game inspired by the classic digital and table games.

This story tells the adventure of a young monster hunter who had his master killed by night hags without being able to do anything about, since then, he gathered information around the world and headed out into the Swamp of Twilight to perform his revenge.


  • Double language, with Brazilian Portuguese and English
  • Open world RPG
  • Alchemy and cooking
  • Side quests to do
  • Respawnable crops
  • Rest system
  • Chests with random loot
  • The good and classic turn based front battle system
  • more on the future...


  • OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 ou 64 Bits);
  • Processor: Duo Core 2.0GHz ou even;
  • Memory: 2GB RAM;
  • Hard Drive: 300MB Available;
  • Graphics: video card with 512mb de ram with DirectX 9.0c compability ;
  • Sound: compatibility with DirectX;


  • start of the game english translation 
  • bug fixes
  • 7 maps added
  •  new "city" Alaric
  • Temple of the Seven Added!
  • Statue of the Seven Added!
  • update on general object sprite models
  • enemy balances and random encounters
  • 5 added potions
  • removal of the protagonist's lines while keeping only the "description"
  •  addition of the quest "delivery to the alchemist"
  • addition of the main quesline
  • new common items and keys!
  • and more...

Install instructions

1-Requires winrar or other program that unzips files

2-Extract the file and execute


Chronicles of Asvilias - The Return of the Queen V.0.2.rar 236 MB

Development log


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if only I had put more points into my spanish stats :'-(

sorry fren, it will be an english version on the future, and its portuguese lol

portugese wasn't even a thing on the status screen :-(


XD, i will make on my mother language and translate to english after, so, i hope you enjoy the game on the future


English Version Available now! :D